Apr 3, 2019


So, my boss got a good case of shingles which sucks. See, I like my boss and he’s been out now two weeks and has even gotten Bell’s Palsy from this.

It sucks and it’s a reminder of just how precious time and life are (or at least each day).

Friday I may be finding out some big news. I had an interview at another location of the company which is closer to home and which wouldn’t require me taking the train into the city. With the rising fares on both the commuter rail and the subway that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

In essence, that’s almost $500 a month that would go back into my pocket, not chump change.

Plus, when I went down for the interview... it was a 20 minute drive in rush hour traffic as opposed to a minimum hour and a half door to door.

At the end of the interview, I was asked what I liked about working for my company and I honestly answered it was the people. In that moment I realized there are a lot of people at work I genuinely like. Sure, some people are just dicks but for the most part, the people I work with are good folks and I like a lot of them.

And then there’s always a new situation.

Anyway, when I went for the interview I was surprised both my boss and his boss knew about it but hey.

I chatted with my boss online today about it and he asked how it went and really I don’t have such a great feeling about it. I can’t say I walked out feeling confident I got the job. First off, it would be a change in role which in and of itself wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Instead of actually doing the work I’d be project manager which means it would be more supervising, billing and organizing.

Now, the funny thing that’s happened of late is that is what I’ve been doing on one account and it’s lead to us getting more work from that client (which of course is a good thing).

In the meantime, the Account Director who has been putting the screws to me for the last year and a half has suddenly realized that it’s likely she lost a good person and it’s more than a little funny to watch. She came up behind me yesterday, poked me with a pen in the back (I mean, really? What fucking planet are you from you clown?) and pronounced, “I’m really upset I don’t see any of our work up on your screen (meaning her account).”

I didn’t turn around or even bat an eye but just replied, “I can’t help you with that.”


Life is just better without certain people in it.

So, there’s that and hopefully it will mean changes in other ways as well. I’m doing the whole teeth thing now and starting on renovating my house and being closer to home would be preferable to say the least. Beside that though there are things I would like to be doing but generally I’m simply to exhausted at the end of the day to do them.

One of them is doing volunteer work with the local food pantry which I did for awhile and which I really enjoyed.

Anyway, I find myself apprehensive on the one hand and on the other not really anticipating anything because of the way life has conditioned me.

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